Cause no one should miss out on cake!

I must let you know. I haven't been gluten-free for very long. In fact, I still on occasion eat gluten containing food - especially when there's no gf option and I am very hungry (beware of HANGRY me).

Going gluten-free was not easy. Not for me who loves to eat and hates to be limited on my choice of food (I already have an allergy to crustaceans and hate missing out on seafood meals!). Not for me who could almost never say no to a slice of cake or any dessert for that matter. 

Thankfully, there were others before me - traditional bakers not willing to give up on their traditional cakes simply because they became gluten-sensitive. Decadent chocolate cakes, and breads far better than the crumbly kind are no longer out of reach. Thanks to these bakers and the internet, newbies like me do not need to go without.

So, here we go... The Cake Minstrel brings you classic cakes and breads, only they are gluten free!