Granola Rawnola Bread

This afternoon I visited the shop of Anything But Salads in Tai Ping Shan Street. My purpose was to buy a tub of coconut yoghurt which I tasted a couple of weeks ago at a friend's house. I thought I can use it in my chocolate cake recipe. When I got there, I was instantly drawn to the shelf with the bags of Life Rawnola. The rawnola looked very insteresting, so I grabbed a bag and added this to my purchase.

Since I haven't baked bread for a while, I decided to try another bread recipe using the Four Flour Bean Mix a la Bette Hangman. Found a  Sweet Granola Bread recipe, and thought why not use the Rawnola?! So, I did just that, and also replaced the white sugar with coconut sugar (just to see what would happen).  And I'm so happy with the result I know I will make it again!