Sunday at the Discovery Bay Markets

So, we were at the Discovery Bay Markets yesterday. It was a great day! The weather was lovely and the Markets had a nice vibe.

We were assigned to stall #68. It was a pretty good position. It was so sunny, though, that we had to close off one side of the stall with a make-shift curtain to give us a bit of shade and protect the cupcakes! Other than that, eveything went smoothly.  Everyone who came by to speak with us were very cordial. One lady said that it's so good she can buy stuff for several of her friends who have food allergies just from our stall.  So glad!

I was so happy to tell a customer yesterday - who told me he has coeliac disease - that our products are produced from a 100% gluten-free food factory kitchen. That customer happily tasted our products and bought some, too.

And yes, this is true.  I bake from a food factory in Kwun Tong that is a 100% gluten-free facility. To some people, gluten cross-contamination is not a big deal. But for those who are highly sensitive - coeliac sufferers, for example - it is important that no cross-contamination can occuring during production and packaging and serving of gluten-free food. We can give them this assurance.