And now it's May

Oh hello! Seems like the month of April whizzed by and suddenly we are in May!

We were at the Foodie Markets last 17 April at the Opendoor Cafe. Our first time to join an event organised by the folks at Foodie. It was a lot of fun! Certainly a lot of food-loving people came as the venue was packed to the rafters! Hope Foodie will organise another event like this.

I've had several people asking about Island East Markets. Sadly, they never reopened in March and I am not sure when they will do so. I am sure I am not the only one hoping they would reopen after summer.

Meanwhile, we were at the Discovery Bay Markets yesterday - 10 May. It was a fun day despite the bit of rain and mugginess. We were very happy by the positive response to our feature cupcake flavour "Calamansi". It was a bit too tangy for a couple of people, but certainly a lot of people enjoyed them. Our banana-cacao nibs loaves and brown-butter pound cake slices were also snapped up rather quickly. So pleased that our "first timers" did very well.

The best thing about selling at community markets such as the DB markets, is giving those who do not always get to enjoy a treat - due to their gluten intolerances - a chance to do so outside their normal routine.  The second best thing is getting people who are NOT gluten-intolerant to buy the products simply because they are tasty! One lady came over and asked what is used instead of wheat flour. I told her about the blends we use as she tasted the cake samples. Her comment "oh! you can't even tell the difference on the taste! it's good!". I am glad she was curious and was satisfied with what she tried.  

Our next market appearance will be at the Hidden Truffles Bazaar on 30th May 2015 at The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.  The Cake Minstrel will be there with our sister brand "The Baker's Jar" - which had its first outing at the Dine and Design Festival last weekend (1-May 2015).  Hope to see you there!